Hi, I’m
Praveen Kumar

Cook, Cat Lover, Front End Architect,
Web Developer Evangelist & Cloud Computing Consultant

Who am I?

A Web Developer, Graphic Designer and a User Experience Architect, completed with Masters in Cloud Computing with Industry with Distinction from University of Leicester, with more than six years (and counting) of Industrial Experience.

I work on web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and also during my free time, I create web applications in PHP & MySQL.

Web Design & Development
Mobile Application Development
Cloud Computing Consulting
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What do I do?

The stuff I do and the stuff I can't live without doing...

Web Application Development

Semantic code written with whole loads of love and passion, I definitely know what I do and you can trust me.

Cloud Computing Consulting

With academic & practical experience, I could help you set up your own cloud home network.

Development Operations

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery? That's the right agile model for your software development.

One-to-One Mentoring

Need a guide? I will help you on getting started and stay until you succeed with your plans.

Cooking Experiments

Who hates eating? Come home and try what I do! You'll definitely be amazed with the food.

Mobile Application Development

Every product rocks with a supplement and compliment mobile app. Let me know the idea.

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